Professional Quality Solar Christmas Lighting

Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Welcome to the best selection of solar Christmas lighting available on the web. If you're looking to decorate your home or garden, shop with confidence! We have the best selection and prices, guaranteed. Solar Christmas lights are environmentally friendly, easy to setup, and turn on and off by themselves, keeping your house beautifully decorated for less.

Christmas lights Specials:

Included with all sets is a solar panel that should be placed in direct sunlight for a minimum of two hours per day. The solar panel can easily be mounted on a roof line, wall or securely staked in the ground. This provides power for the lights once the sun goes down, and the lights remain illuminated throughout the night. There is no need to turn on or off the lights; they automatically turn on at dusk and last for eight hours. The lights have no power cord, which means there is no need to worry about how far the lights reach. Use them indoors or outdoors; your decorating is no longer hampered by the number and placement of your outlets.

More information on solar xmas lighting is available on this blog.  Dangerous frayed power cords and extension cords are also things of the past. Best of all, you save money on electricity, since the sun will be providing the power for your Christmas lights for free.  Solar Christmas lights come in many forms to satisfy the decorative tastes of any fan of holiday lighting. While traditional multi-color lights are available, modern white lights are also a popular choice. Solar rope lights, in which LEDs are wired together and encased in a clear plastic tube, provide a unique spin on the traditional light strands.

The plastic tubing protects the wires, eliminating the possibility of moisture seeping in and causing a short. Various other configurations of solar Christmas lights are available too, including Christmas trees, wreaths and other lawn ornaments. Once Christmas is over, you can still keep your light strings handy, as they make excellent decorations for parties and celebrations throughout the year, including weddings, dinner parties, dances and more.  Learn more on our Solar Christmas Lights How To And FAQ page.