Professional Quality Solar Christmas Lighting

There are few things more stressful at Christmas time than having a light failure on your perfectly-decorated Christmas tree. Luckily, stripping the tree bare and stringing new lights is not the only way to remedy this aggravating situation. These FAQs about Christmas light bulb testers offer some tips for quickly and easily testing your bulbs, and getting back to enjoying your tree.

How does a Christmas light bulb tester work?

There are many Christmas light bulb testers available for purchase. The most basic tester, like the Christmas light tester from Westinghouse, is a small unit that allows you to test each bulb individually. A flashing LED tells you that the bulb is good. The device also tests fuses and light strands. There are more advanced models available, but for the average consumer, these small testers do the job very well.

How do you make your own Christmas light bulb tester?

If you are at all handy, it is easy to make a Christmas light bulb tester that often proves to be more reliable than store-bought units. A quick browse on the Internet turns up several quick and easy tutorials for putting together a bulb tester. In general, you need a C or D battery, an old extension cord, electrical tape, a utility knife, scissors or wire cutters and an old prescription bottle to hold the tester. Follow the tutorial directions, and it only takes a few minutes to put together a simple and inexpensive device to test your Christmas lights.