Professional Quality Solar Christmas Lighting

Use these FAQs about outdoor Christmas lights to get started on your decorating scheme. You can tell Christmas is around the corner when you start to see houses draped in lights. Purchasing the right lights, and putting together a design can be overwhelming.

Is there anything I should take into consideration when buying outdoor Christmas lights?

Try to buy outdoor lights that produce low amounts of heat. These lights are less likely to overload electrical outlets. If you need to use an extension cord, buy one that is designed for outdoor use. Get cords that are three pronged. Do not use an indoor extension cord or a cord that does not have three prongs.

Are there any safety tips to observe when using outdoor Christmas lights?

Buy lights that have labels marked UL or ETL. These symbols indicate that the lights were tested by a laboratory that is recognized by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration. Lights with these labels meet the minimum product safety standards. Also, use lights meant for outdoors. They are made to handle a variety of weather conditions.

Can outdoor Christmas lights be used on a Christmas tree?

Check the label to see if they are good to use indoors. Some lights are labeled for both uses while others are not. Outdoor lights get very hot and cannot be used on Christmas trees.

How do you install outdoor Christmas lights?

Decide where you want to hang the lights. Check that you have enough lights and that they work. If you need a ladder, have someone else present to keep it stabilized. Attach one string at a time by clipping them to the gutters. Use a staple gun to attach the lights around windows. If you are putting lights on trees or shrubs, place the strings along branches and use shrub nets. Plug in the lights to see how they look.