Professional Quality Solar Christmas Lighting

If you are decorating your tree with solar Christmas lights and then suddenly have half the string go out on you, you know how it feels to suddenly be left in the dark! Read on and learn how to fix Christmas lights when half are out with a few troubleshooting tips.

Check for a broken bulb

First, check the half string of the lights that is working for a bulb that is not lighting up or a bulb that has a bit of gray or black on the inside of the bulb, indicating a blown fuse. If you find a bad bulb, unscrew it, and replace it with one of the spare bulbs that comes with the light set. If you are all out of spares, purchase a set of replacements at your local hardware store.
Check for faulty wiring and loose bulbs
Check the working bulbs in the defective light string by giving each individual bulb a jiggle with your hand. If you find a bulb that is flickering on and off or does not appear to have a solid connection, simply tighten the bulb into the socket, and see if the rest of the lights come on. Repeat this process several times until all of the loose bulbs are tightened.

Invest in a light bulb tester
Invest in a light bulb tester such as the Lightkeeper Pro miniature light repairing tool. This handy, inexpensive tool sends an electrical pulse through the string of lights, and fixes electrical problems with a pull of the trigger, even after all of the lights are strung and hanging on your tree. The built-in light bulb puller lets you test individual bulbs and remove any defective bulbs you find.