Professional Quality Solar Christmas Lighting

Putting away Christmas lights after the holidays can daunt the most daring of decorators. When the strands get tangled, their thickness makes it very hard to untangle them again, causing you a lot of time, effort and a great deal of stress. You should know how to keep your solar Christmas lights from tangling in order to avoid the trouble altogether when the holidays officially end each year.

Line up the lights in rows

Depending on the size of your house, you can have anywhere between two to ten strings of lights outside. After you gather all of the lights, group them in batches, depending on how many sets you have. Instead of clumping them together, try to group them in rows which requires a wide area, preferably outside. One of the more important things to consider involves the fragility of the lights, so you should exercise caution when manipulating these rows. If you do plan to do this outside, make sure that the conditions permit and that no moisture dampens the ground which can damage the quality of your lights.
Use gift wrap rolls to enclose the lights
If you buy wrapping paper during the holidays, the roll the wrapping paper comes on provides a great way to make sure the lights stay in place and do not tangle. You should string the lights, similar to wrapping headphones around your hand, to condense them. This process requires about ten to twenty rolls to complete the process so that you do not have to overlap the lights on any roll. Upon completion, remember to store these lights in a safe place so they do not crack for the next holiday season.