Professional Quality Solar Christmas Lighting

One of the most common Christmas decorations is the Christmas wreath. Wreaths are used to decorate houses and can be purchased in an array of styles. If you are creative, you do not have to buy a wreath from a store. Discover how to make a wreath with Christmas lights so that you can have your own beautiful and original decoration.

Gather your materials

You can buy pre-made wreaths in a wide variety of sizes and styles. For your first Christmas light wreath, you may want to choose a smaller wreath that is easier to handle. You will also need two or three strands of Christmas lights, ribbon and florist wire.

Place the lights on the wreath

Start attaching the lights to the wreath by placing the beginning of a strand of lights to the inside of the wreath. Secure this strand with florist wire. Continue to wrap the lights around the wreath, spacing out the lights with each pass. For larger wreaths, or to add different colors, you will need to add another strand. When you have finished wrapping the strand around the wreath, secure it with the florist wire.
Add decorative touches
The easiest way to decorate your new wreath is to simply add a ribbon or bow to the wreath to give it a finished look. However, feel free to use your imagination and get creative. For a more elaborate Christmas light wreath, try adding artificial flowers or berries, tinsel or even small Christmas decorations.
Plug in the lights and enjoy your creation
Plug an extension cord into the end of the light strand. If you used more than one strand of lights, connect all of the strands together. Once you have all of your strands and cord connected, simply plug the extension cord into the nearest outlet and enjoy your new creation.