Professional Quality Solar Christmas Lighting

Christmas Lights are a wonderful addition to your home, especially if you add a little creativity to the design. The size of your house will determine the amount of Christmas lights to buy and the structure that you come up with. When you learn how to make Christmas lights 3D, you can add a graceful element to an already fascinating display on your front yard.

Choose a three-dimensional base

The trick to creating a three-dimensional effect for your Christmas decorations is to wrap the lights around a solid base. From reindeer figures to a life-size Santa Claus, there are many different styles and colors from which you can choose. You even can choose several objects and create a whole scene on your front lawn that will look wonderful once it is lit.

Decide on your color scheme

There are many possible color schemes for a 3D light display. For a classic, sophisticated look, try using plain white lights. For a more fun, festive effect, you can use all multi-colored lights. You can also combine different single-color strings of lights to enhance the particular objects you have chosen for your display. For example, you can use red lights for a Santa figure or blue lights for a snowman-shaped figure.
Arrange the lights on objects in your display
The lighting aspect of the display is very easy. Simply place the lights in uniform rows around the three-dimensional object so that it is completely wrapped with lights. You want to add enough lights so that the object is completely covered and has very few open areas and gaps. Once night falls, you will discover that your Christmas lights truly will look three-dimensional.