Professional Quality Solar Christmas Lighting

How to Store Solar Christmas Lights

How many times do you go to grab your Christmas decorations from storage only to suddenly remember the headache of dealing with Christmas lights? Make this problem a thing of the past by following these steps on how to store Solar Powered Christmas lights.

Get in the right mindset from the start

The key to really doing this job right is to be in the right mindset when you first start taking your lights down. As soon as you take down your lights, store them properly. If you take down your lights and have them in piles waiting to be sorted and stored later, then you are already fighting an uphill battle. If you tend to keep the same strings of lights in the same locations every year, start by labeling each string in order to kick off next year's decorating duties in an organized fashion.

Wrap as you go

Whether you purchase something specifically for winding up your lights or you make one from wrapping paper tubes or flat pieces of cardboard, the best way to store your lights without a mess is to wrap them up as you take them down. Sure, you are probably exhausted from the holidays, and you just want to rip the lights down as quickly as possible. However, taking the extra time now will eliminate those pesky headaches next winter.
Keep the lights together and keep them safe
Because your lights are going to be in storage for so long, make sure you seal them up so that they are safe from critters, moisture or other potential hazards to your holiday investment. One great way to keep your lights protected and easy to transport is by keeping them in plastic storage boxes. By storing them in this manner, your lights are all in one place and easily can be moved into and out of storage without getting misplaced.