Professional Quality Solar Christmas Lighting

If you are wondering how to use indoor Christmas lights outdoors, you have come to the right place. In just a few steps, you will learn about the precautions to take, how to connect your lights to a power source and how to ensure that your outdoor display looks great and, most importantly, remains safe.

Choosing lights that are safe for outdoor use

It definitely is possible to find indoor lights that are also safe for outdoor use. Simply choose outdoor/indoor lights when picking out your Christmas decorations. Some lights are only safe for indoor use, though the trend is to make lights that can be used both indoors and outdoors safely. These lights are no more expensive than strictly outdoor lights and you will enjoy the flexibility of being able to use them in a variety of settings.
Connecting your lights to a power source
Often, the most difficult part of using indoor Christmas lights outdoors is connecting them to a power outlet. First, look outside on the sides of your house or on your porch. Many homes now come equipped with outdoor outlets, perfect for connecting Christmas lights. For safety reasons, use a weather-proof extension cord when hooking up your lights. If you have no outside outlet, you can run an extension cord indoors, which makes turning the lights on and off a breeze.

Hanging your lights safely and beautifully
Use a staple gun when hanging your lights up on the exterior of your home. Staple guns are relatively inexpensive, refillable and durable enough to use year after year. If you don't want to deal with the mess of removing staples, look into metal or plastic hooks that can be mounted easily, giving the lights a place to hang and drape. Tracing the borders of your windows or following the roof lines of your house ensures an even, pleasing Christmas light display that everyone will enjoy.