Professional Quality Solar Christmas Lighting

Christmas lights are a traditional and beautiful way to celebrate Christmas. Unfortunately, many people fail to take advantage of this tradition because of the time and effort it takes. By learning how to use solar net Christmas lights, you can avoid the hassle of hanging string after string of Christmas lights, and create the holiday light display you always wanted.

Unfold the net Christmas lights

Open the package containing the net lights and carefully remove them. Depending on the brand of net lights you choose, they will be folded into a rectangle or square. Carefully unfold the lights, making sure not to damage or tangle them.

Set your solar panel in a sunny place

Find a sunny area to place the solar panel. Ideally the panel would receive 5-6 hours of direct sunlight.
Begin using the net Christmas lights to decorate
Good places to use net lights are on trees, small bushes, fences and the side wall of a house. To decorate the side of a house, stick weather-proof, adhesive hooks along the top of the wall. When the hooks are in place, start with one corner of the net lights and hang it from the hook. Continue this step with each hook until reaching the other corner of the net lights. If decorating a tree, bush or fence, drape the net lights evenly over the object in the same way you use a blanket to cover something.